• Vacuum interior
  • Soft Cloth Handwash
  • Under Carriage Wash
  • Towel Hand Dry
  • Full interior wipe down 
  • Cleaning windows inside and outside
  • Treatment on Windshield with Rain-X®
  • Tire dressing
  • Air freshener
  • Interior and/or Exterior trim dressed up
  • Cleaning and Shampooing of Carpets, 
           Matts and Seats
  • Leather Conditioning
  • Paint restoration
  • Spray Wax, Hand Wax and Buffing Polish Wax
  • Clear Coat protecting and Paint Sealant
  • Clay Bar
  • Rim cleaning and polishing
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Sticker removal
  • Full Detail
  • RV's and Boats are also welcome...

  • We strongly recommend washing your vehicle after rainy weather to remove acid rain and industrial fall out. Industrial pollutants and vehicle emissions drift into the air and mix with rain or dew to form acids. These acids can settle on a vehicle's finish. As the water evaporates, the acid becomes concentrated and can damage the finish.
  • Sand and salty air are the number one corrosive agents, Washing your vehicle frequently will minimize the adverse effects from these corrosive agents.
  • Wash your vehicle after a cold day or snow event so chemicals used to treat the roads won’t harm your car’s finish.
  • Make sure you wash off any bird drops, insects or tree sap as soon as you can in order to avoid damage to the clear coat and paint.
  • Remember that your Car is an important part of projecting your personality, also, your vehicle is an important asset that may loose value if you don't give it the appropriate preventive maintenance.  
Towel Hand Dry
Engine Cleaning
Vacuum interior
Soft Cloth Wash
Wax and Detailing Spots
515 College Park Road,
Ladson, SC. 29456
Phone: 843.572.2727
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